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Dance is more than just steps, it is a passion for movement and a genuine connection with yourself, your partner and the music. Combining clean technique with the revolutionary Liberato Method we are excited to offer you a brand new level of quality and safe space in our classes.

Join our DanceZouk Family and experience the awesomeness of conscious dancing. Together we will take your dancing to the next level.

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With us you have many options to jump in and get your dance life started. So if you can’t find a suitable offer in this list below, do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help you and make an offer tailored to your needs!

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We offer various classes and dance styles, not only to match your taste, but because we believe that variety broadens your horizon and makes you a better and more well-rounded dancer at the end of the day.

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The magic of flow and versatility. Combining the fire of Lambada with the rich body language of HipHop & Jazz, smoothing it with the connectivity of contact improvisation. Danced to almost all modern music.



The dance originating from Dominican Republic has evolved into several substyles over the past years and has become very popular worldwide. Join us and dive into the playfulness and sensuality.


Lifts & Tricks

Explicitly designed for dancers of all kinds of styles and focused on core techniques to raise your dance skills to a new level. We cover counter balance, lifts and spins, as well as connection, breathing and dynamics.

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creating dancers & teachers since 2013

In Zurich and around the globe we teach Brazilian Zouk, Lifts&Tricks, Stretching and more, not only with passion but also in-depth technique. Using our highly adaptive system, we shape your dance body, build a strong base and guide you on your own path to become a versatile, creative & well-rounded dancer.

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