Terms & Conditions

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Our general rules

General Policy

    1. Jurisdiction. The hereafter defined terms&conditions are subject to the laws and jurisdiction in Zurich, Switzerland.
    2. Alteration & Validity. If any of the here below defined terms & conditions is altered or may become invalid due to legal changes, all other terms stay valid. 
    3. Clients. A client is a person that books, participates in or uses any product, service, class, course and/or event offered by DanceZouk.
    4. Client data handling. Client data is handled according to our Data Protection Agreement, which hereby is an integral part of our Terms & Conditions.
    5. Exemptions. In special cases DanceZouk admin can agree to exemptions of our terms & conditions, but is not obliged to do so. Please contact us by email to info@dancezouk.ch or call us on +41 79 291 42 02, if you like to ask for an exemption.
    6. Questions. If you require further explanations or if you are not sure how our terms & conditions apply to your case, please contact us by email to info@dancezouk.ch or call us on +41 79 291 42 02.
How payments and refunds work

Payment & Refund Policy

  1. Entitlement on charging fees. Any product, service, class, course and/or event a client books, participates in or uses, entitles DanceZouk to charge the full fees as communicated on this website in the pricing section of said product, service, class, course and/or event at the time of participation/booking. The client owes the full amount and has no entitlement on discounts and/or refunds. Especially if corresponding product, service, class, course and/or event is part of a package or only available as part of a package, then the client owes DanceZouk the full amount of the package fee, no matter if the client uses the full benefits of the package or not.
  2. Refunds. Any settled payment is non-refundable. In special cases, DanceZouk can decide differently, but clients are in no way entitle to receive any refund once a payment is settled.
  3. Discounts. DanceZouk can decide to offer discounts. Application and amount of discounts are solely decided and defined by DanceZouk. Especially, DanceZouk can decide to withdraw and/or deny discounts at any time and to anyone.
  4. Exclusion. In case of a violation of the Code of Conduct, DanceZouk reserves the right to exclude any client from any or all services, products, classes, courses and/or events immediately. Exclusion can be set by DanceZouk for a limited time or forever depending on the severity of the violation. When excluded according to this article, the client has no entitlement on any refund and still owes the full amount of any booked/participated package even though the client cannot use it.
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How memberships work

Membership & Cancellation Policy

    1. Membership. A member is a client that has an active subscription to one of our membership plans.
    2. Access to Regular Classes. Our regular classes, except Beginner classes, are only accessible to members. The corresponding membership plan and the technical level/experience of the member defines to how many and to which classes the member will have access to. It is the chief instructor who judges and has the final decision on the level of the member.
    3. Subscription Validity & Commitment. A subscription to a membership is active for the calendar month of its first booking and will automatically renew, and be charged, at the beginning of every month until cancellation or until the end of the school year of DanceZouk (31.07.). That is a maximum of 11 installments. Except for a case of early cancellation, upon subscription the client/member owes DanceZouk the full amount of the membership from the date of booking/participating until the end of the next July (31.07.).
    4. Cancellation. Every membership subscription will be automatically canceled by 31.07. each year. If, for any reason, the client wishes to cancel earlier, a cancellation can be requested to the end of any month. Such a cancellation request has to be sent LATEST 7 days prior to the end of the month the cancellation shall be enacted. We accept cancellation requests ONLY by email to info@dancezouk.ch and has to be sent from the email address which was used for your the booking of the subscription. Clients can only cancel their own bookings. By sending a cancellation request, the client accepts that DanceZouk does not guarantee any spot in the clients former group in case they wish to return in the future. By accepting a cancellation request, DanceZouk relieves the client from any further charges of membership fees and the client will no longer have access to regular classes at DanceZouk.
    5. Pausing. It is possible to pause a membership subscription if necessary. Only full calendar months can be paused and only a maximum of 2 months in one DanceZouk school year (01.09.-31.07.). For the paused month(s) no membership fees will be charged.
    6. Absence. (only for membership level “One”) Missing a class does not entitle the client to any reduction of the membership fee. Although if you client has to skip a class due to sickness, work or death of a family member and notifies us timely, then we offer the possibility to compensate for the missed class. For a timely notification a message has to be sent to our DanceZouk admin (+41 79 291 42 02) AND to the teacher of the class, minimum 24hrs before the class. In case more than two classes/weeks in a row have to be skipped, there will be no compensation and the subscription will be set on pause, or, if the pause maximum (2 months) has been used up, canceled (cancellation policy applies as if the client had sent a cancellation request).
    7. Compensation. Compensation can be done in (A) a equal or lower level class of the same style, (B) an equal or lower level workshop of the same style (except workshops with guest teachers) or (C) with a 25% discount on a private class with your teacher.  Compensation can only be claimed a maximum of 6 times in a DanceZouk school year.
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