Beginner Course – Monday 08.04 to 01.07.2024

Beginner Course – Monday 08.04 to 01.07.2024



Welcome, great that you want to join our cozy, but active & inclusive DanceZouk family.

✔️ You prefer a regular training, building your connection skills and your dancing step by step?

✔️ You prefer to take time to repeat and gradually develop in a 3-month-course?

✔️ Or even solidify your base joining us twice a week (pay 1 get access to 2)?

Then our DanceZouk-Beginner Course is your ideal regular start. We‘ll be introducing  you to our Universal Partner Dance Basics that build the base for a wide variety of rithms from Zouk, Bachata, Forró, Boléro, Samba to Salsa & more. Yes, this means this course is dance style independent or, better say, the base for any dance style. Applying very helpful universal tools, techniques & concepts, especially the game changing Liberato Teaching Method, we’ll enable you to dance with confidence, lots of fun&joy with any partner(s) to any music you like. Also, we’ll be training both roles, not because you have to dance both, but for you to choose on the dancefloor and because it’ll help you greatly in learning & improving:

▶️ how to connect & communicate authentically and respectfully,

▶️ how to grow & shape movements and steps with quality, as well as

▶️ how to build your dance, your flow from mutual sensations with versatility & creativity.

No matter if you have a lot, a little or zero experience in Partner Dancing, this course will open a NEW WORLD and be highly beneficial for you:

♦ Embrace community: become part of our family

♦ Express yourself: access & express your feelings

♦ Find joy in movement: connect with dance partners & music

♦ Soothe your soul: Dance as a space to relax and find peace

♦ Boost your well-being: improve strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance

♦ Challenge traditional roles: cultivate a culture of freedom and respect

♦ Unique experiences: local & international events designed for you

After completing the full course you can directly jump into our Zouk Fundamentals (Z2) class on Mondays 20:00-21:15 and our Liberato Fundamentals (L2) on Wednesdays 20:00-21:15, as well as all future Fundamentals level in any style. Even more so, you are ready to join all Socials and dance the night away with us!



Monday 08. April until 01. July 20204 (3 months)

18:45-20:00 Class

21:15-23:00 Practica


OPTIONAL: Wednesday 10. April until 03. July 20204 (3 months)

18:45-20:00 Class

21:15-23:00 Practica



Full Course, Pay 1 get 2:  CHF 315 (regular) / CHF 235 (student)



Studio OneSpace „Room for Everything“, Limmatquai 116, 8001 Zürich (5th floor)


PLEASE NOTE, that in ALL our courses and workshops we promote the following values & principles:

  • Respect
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Acceptance & Observation
  • Gender-free Environment

For more details please check our Code of Conduct.

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15. Apr 2024

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