Introduction to Zouk (TQ only) Wednesday 15.11. to 20.12.2023

Introduction to Zouk (TQ only) Wednesday 15.11. to 20.12.2023



Take your first Zouk steps with us in our Beginner Course. In this course we introduce you to the basic principles of Zouk enabling you to float over the dancefloor with solid steps and a fun playfulness. You will be learning both roles (lead & follow), not because you have to do both on the dancefloor, but because we believe that understanding the other role will improve your connection, versatility and creativity, no matter which role is your preferred one.



  • ZOUK QUICKSTARTER (11.11.23, partner offer) Curious about Zouk but limited in time? Or preferring a more intense start?
  • FEMININITY (18.11. & 02.12.23, partner offer) a womens only class, connect with your inner queen!
  • DANCE EVOLUTION DAY (25.11.23, partner offer) evolve your dance, augment it with authentic movements & conscious connection
  • INTRODUCTION TO ZOUK (start 15.11.23, TQ students only) Curious what Zouk is? Longing to feel the flow? Join us and experience!
  • DISCOVER YOUR DANCE (start 16.11.23, TQ students only) Feeling stuck in patterns & rules? Want to find free movement and deep connection


PLEASE NOTE, that in ALL our courses and workshops we promote the following values & principles:

  • Respect
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Acceptance & Observation
  • Gender-free Environment

For more details please check our Code of Conduct.

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20. Dec 2023

Duration :

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17:30 - 18:45

75 minutes

18 Persons

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