Zouk Quickstarter – 11.11.2023

Zouk Quickstarter – 11.11.2023

Hello dear (soon-to-be) Zouk dancer,

  • Ever wondered what this “Zouk” is all about?
  • You want to start Zouk but can’t wait for the start of a new beginners group?
  • Or are you simply in the mood to try something new but don’t want to subscribe for a course yet?

Then join us for this playful introduction to one of the most expressive & versatile partner dances! In just 4 hours of classes we’ll make you ready to dance and enjoy the magical flow this dance is famous for. We’ll be covering of course the basics, rythms & connection, but also lots of cool tools to play.

Venue: Studio Onespace, Limmatquai 116, 8001 Zürich, 5th floor // No outdoor shoes allowed! please bring socks or indoor dance shoes.

Price: CHF 95 (regular) // CHF 65 (students)

Completing this workshop will also allow you to jump into our running weekly beginners course (Mondays 18.45) from its 8th week onwards [13.11.-18.12, 6 weeks, chf 155/85, separate booking please follow this link].



  • ZOUK QUICKSTARTER (11.11.23, partner offer) Curious about Zouk but limited in time? Or preferring a more intense start?
  • FEMININITY (18.11. & 02.12.23, partner offer) a womens only class, connect with your inner queen!
  • DANCE EVOLUTION DAY (25.11.23, partner offer) evolve your dance, augment it with authentic movements & conscious connection
  • INTRODUCTION TO ZOUK (start 15.11.23, TQ students only) Curious what Zouk is? Longing to feel the flow? Join us and experience!
  • DISCOVER YOUR DANCE (start 16.11.23, TQ students only) Feeling stuck in patterns & rules? Want to find free movement and deep connection


PLEASE NOTE, that in ALL our courses and workshops we promote the following values & principles:

  • Respect
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Acceptance & Observation
  • Gender-free Environment

For more details please check our Code of Conduct.

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