ZoukMood Bootcamps & Party

ZoukMood Bootcamps & Party

Let’s dive together into the magical flow of Zouk and enjoy ….

Brazilian Zouk is a captivating dance style that originated in Brazil, known for its fluid, flowing movements. It’s a dance form that allows dancers to express themselves creatively while building a strong connection with their partner.

For your best experience we offer three bootcamps: Fundamentals, Built Up, and Bachata into Zouk.

Zouk Fundamentals (chf 40-50): This bootcamp is a new conceptual program designed for beginners and everyone who wants to strengthen their fundaments. It can be taken in addition or as replacement of regular classes, as every edition we run a different yet compulsory module. So there will be plenty of new content every edition, yet always accessible for complete beginners as well as challenging for more experienced dancers. Hence it is perfect for you, no matter if you just jump in once to try, like to attend several times in a row or (re-)study your base for example learning the other role.

Zouk BuildUp (chf 40-50): Designed for those with prior Zouk experience or in combination with the Fundamentals class the same day. We’ll be exploring body awareness and movements as well as other concepts which are integral to Zouk and its magical flow. Among others, we’ll be working on: Waves, Isolations, Tilts, Knots, Counter-balance as well as Musicality&Expression.

Bachata into Zouk (chf 15-20): You are already dancing Bachata or any similar couple dance and just want a quick intro to Zouk and learn how to apply your skills on the Zouk floor? Then this is definitely your class! Join us and have lots of fun experimenting with the Zouk feeling 😉

PARTY with 2 FLOORS (Bachata & Zouk) (chf 20-25)

You just want to dance the night away? You love Bachata, Zouk or both? Then this is your Sunday evening treat!

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Hourly Schedule


13:00 - 15:00
Zouk Fundamentals
15:30 - 17:30
Zouk BuildUp
17:45 - 18:45
Bachata into Zouk
19:00 - 23:00
Party (2 Floors, Zouk & Bachata)

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