Our Values

What we believe in

Our Values

Dancing, especially partner dancing, is an activity where we get close to other people and, hence, encounter & experience our own and other peoples boundaries. These experiences may have parallels to other parts of life, but can be intensified with the closeness we practice in (partner) dancing. To create and maintain a safe space where we can explore, experience and dance together, we instill the following core values:
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for ourselves and others


to communicate our own needs and boundaries


Acceptance & Observation
of what is (listening), without assuming or anticipating anything


Freedom of Coice
reminding ourselves, that we can always choose to say yes or no


Gender free environment
with no judgment or link between gender and the roles we take
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    I express my needs respectfully and give & accept constructive feedback as a trusting gift. If i feel uncomfortable in ANY situation, I’m always allowed to speak up.

    We encourage you to openly share your needs and insights, verbally or physically. If done in a respectful & constructive way, any feedback can be accepted and taken into account. We create our community together and your feedback and insights are highly valued in further improving our space and interactions. If you feel you cannot or don’t dare to address any issue directly, you can always talk to a person of trust, also outside the classroom/dancefloor.


    I respect and value the time & presence of my class mates, my teachers, other participants, organizers and places/events I visit and support them by following this code of conduct and other means up to my abilities. Our dancing world is a precious jewel and we all like to enjoy living in it. Being on time for classes, at a party ordering drinks at the bar instead of bringing your own (also water), sharing your teachers attention with your peers, committing to the classes/courses on a regular base and supporting your peers when you see they need help; these are only a few examples of how you can show your respect and support.


    I respect my own and my partners boundaries, constitution & level and I take self-responsibility for the limits of my own body & mind, expressing clearly & adequately when my boundaries are crossed.
    Remember you, and also the people around you, always have the freedom of choice. We respect this by giving space where it is needed & requested and not forcing others nor give our own responsibility away without consent. (eg. we don’t through ourselves into movements nor push/pull our partners, we are careful and considerate with the substances we consume).


    I acknowledge that we are coming each other close in dance, hence, i take care of my own hygiene.

    Please shower, brush your teeth, use mints, apply decent deodorant and change shirts (if you sweat a lot). You can always reach out to our team if you need support.

    Zürich, Montag, 16. Oktober 2023 For DanceZouk: Eric M. Fehr (Chief Managing Instructor DanceZouk)

What that means

Code of Conduct

  1. Our values are at the base of our behavior, but sometimes can be perceived as bit elusive when facing a real life situation. In order to incorporate and translate our instilled values (see above) to daily life, we define the following Code of Conduct:


    If I struggle with anything or feel overwhelmed or harmed by anyone, I can always talk to a person of trust.

    person of trust, if not defined otherwise, is your teacher or the school owner(s). In special events and cases, other people of trust can be defined by the organizers. If you have any doubts or questions you are always welcome to reach out to us. We also like to remind you that there are unconnected places where you can ask for help and support if needed (eg. „Die Dargebotene Hand“ Tel. 143, www.143.ch/).


    I will not harm others nor accept being harmed myself. I will assist anyone in need and inform the teachers/ team/organizers immediately of any issue or harassment I witness. 

    No kind of harassment will be accepted in our classes & events and will have serious consequences. If not called by witnesses or anyone involved, the organizers/team will take action and report to the police directly. Besides the official legal consequences we may enact our own measures as a consequence of the violation of our code of conduct.


    Besides any legal consequences where adequate, we reserve our right to enact our own measures as a consequence of violation of our code of conduct.

    Dialog & Warning when we learn about the violation of our code of conduct we will initiate a dialogue to resolve possible misunderstandings, but also can sentence a warning if necessary.

    Condition on Participation in case of repetitive violation of our code of conduct and/or ignoring our warnings we will put conditions & limitations to the suspects participation in our classes & events

    Exclusion & Lifetime Ban in case of severe violation of our code of conduct, especially in the case of harassment, we reserve our right to exclude the suspect(s) from our classes & events either temporally or with a lifetime ban.

  2. Special Implications for Team-Members and Teachers


  4. In my classes and in my function as a team member at DanceZouk, I do my best to build and maintain a respectful & empowering environment for our students and my co-workers. I ensure that everyone can apply their freedom of choice and express their needs & boundaries adequately according to the Values and Code of Conduct.


  6. I accept the additional responsibility I have in my role as a teacher and team member and lead by example as a person of trust. I also respect my own boundaries & limits and forward to other people of trust if an issue surpasses my own capabilities and/or responsibilities.


  8. I monitor my surrounding, encourage dialogue and intervene where necessary as a designated person of trust. I have an open ear for everyone in need and I report all issues I witness myself, or hear about, to my superior (the school administration) and open a dialogue in the team if urgent and/or advised to do so. In severe cases I do not hesitate and call the police myself.

  9. Zürich, Montag, 16. Oktober 2023 For DanceZouk: Eric M. Fehr (Chief Managing Instructor DanceZouk)

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