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Hello, nice to meet you!

We love that you are about to join our DanceZouk family and want to start dancing with us! Whether you’re a beginner or very experienced dancer, looking to express yourself, improve your fitness, or simply try something new, you’re in the right place. We welcome everyone and will facilitate your individual growth. Our classes are organized in a universal beginner level for all styles, a fundamental level for each style separately and special trainings for intermediate-advanced dancers. You are curious about our course options for beginners? Check in the next section here below.

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5 Ways to Start with us

Choose the way that suits you best!

Times are changing and we are very aware that everyone has different needs and constraints in their lives, but dancing shall be easy for you and become your go-to to balance a demanding & stressful week with peace, joy & movement. This is why we offer a variety of ways to start with us 

(1) Regular

the standard weekly class
Best Price - Book 1, Join 2

Take your time and grow your skills step by step in our weekly beginner classes.

Pay one course and have to opportunity to join two or more each week

(2) Intensive

get your basics set up in just one weekend
fastest & most intense

You like the intensive experience and want to immerse deeply or just have no time during the week.

Dive in to an immersive weekend to feel the flow and find your groove. Getting ready for the dancefloor in just 2 days! 

(3) Jump-in

Missed the regular start?
Jump-in in the middle of the course

Have you missed the start of the regular course or simply couldn’t make it?

Then you don’t have to wait, but can attend our Quickstart Workshop and join the running course(s) in the middle of the period.

(4) Individual

Start whenever you want
soonest & most flexible

You like to get personal attention and want to kick-start your dance journey ASAP.

Book this private package and schedule your beginning the day & time that suits you best. Either 2h-private plus weekly course or 2x2h-private to finalize the beginner level to join fundamentals straight away 


You already know a Partner Dance
For Experienced Dancers

You like to learn a new dance, but already have experience in other styles; or you are no beginner anymore, but want to join our DanceZouk Family to grow further.

Contact us and we’ll check together how we can include you best. 

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Dance is for everyone!

Why should i start dancing?

At DanceZouk, we believe partner dancing is for everyone. Because it is more than just steps and music; It is a journey of discovery & joy; It is about connection— with yourself, the music, your partner & the community; It is a powerful way to express yourself, improve your coordination and fitness, and meet new people. This is why we are very passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of experience, can learn, grow, and enjoy the beauty of partner dancing. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, find a new way to express yourself, or simply be part of a community that values each individual, your place is here with us.

Here’s how joining our dance community will transform your life for the better:


Express yourself

Discover new dimensions of self-expression as you learn to communicate feelings and emotion through your movements. Dance allows you to explore your creativity from head to toe.


Find Joy in Movement

Experience the joy that comes with the flow of dance. You'll discover a world of genuine connection - not just with your dance partners, but with the music and yourself.


Sooth your soul

Dance is a space where you can relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit after a long day. Find peace in the rhythm and in the collective energy of the class. Experience inner calmness in motion.


Boost your Well-Being

Our classes are designed to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Dance is a holistic workout that enhances your physical health while bringing joy and fulfillment.


Embrace Community

Dive into an environment where passion for dance creates deep bonds and lasting friendships. Our doors are open to everyone regardless of age, gender, or background. We're not just a dance studio; we're a family that grows together.


Challenge Traditional Roles

Break free from gender-linked, conventional partner dance roles. We encourage to explore and embrace any role in dance, cultivating a culture of freedom and respect.


Enjoy Special Experiences

With guest teachers, special events, and regular courses, we ensure your dance journey is filled with unique and enriching experiences. Each class is an opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired.

We're here to Help

Not sure Which Class/Level is for you?

Leave us a quick message and we’ll get back to you asap.

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Zouk in Zurich

Zouk came to Zurich around 2006, it has since steadily grown and become an integral part of the dancing community here. Currently there are 5 active dance schools teaching Zouk, and 1-2 dancing events every week! 

The dance school DanceZouk.ch was founded by Eric Fehr in 2013. Some of the things that set DanceZouk apart are a teaching methodology focused on solid technique and a great location since 2018, 1 minute walk from Central station. Our students learn in small groups, providing a more individual learning experience.

So far Zouk hasn’t yet been discovered by the large masses and is growing mostly by word of mouth, almost entirely ignored by the media. This has created a rather unique scene that is warm and friendly, welcoming all newcomers. Many zoukers (zouk dancers) actively travel around the world to meet other dancers and to practise their skills!

Zouk's origins


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Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance originating from Brazil. Also known as Zouk-Lambada, the dance is a descendant of Lambada, the music & dance style that swept over the world like a storm in the late 1980’s. But the origins are even deeper in the past, in the dance Carimbò, which developed around the 15th century out of the mix of African, Portuguese and Native American cultures and dances.

Zouk offers a wide variety of music, full-body communication and movement, a space to express all your emotions without words.

Brazilian Zouk is characterized by the dancers’ undulating bodies and the girls’ flowing hair. Depending on the style of Brazilian Zouk, you can see a close connection embrace and long graceful steps, strong hip movements, body isolations and upper-body torsions, wild spins and whip-like head movements. While the dance is often called sensual, it is not sexual nor erotic. It is danced by people of all ages in night clubs, dance schools and events around the world!

Like many dance styles, Brazilian Zouk is ever evolving. There are a few different lines or styles of Brazilian Zouk, the main four derivations at the moment (April 2015) being ‘Lambazouk’, ‘Traditional Zouk’, ‘Neo Zouk’ and ‘Mzouk’.