DanceZouk Membership

Our Memberships

(terms & conditions below)

Alumni & Sponsors (chf 55/25)

  • You like what we provide to the community and would like to sponsor us to keep up the good work? For your support we are grateful and welcome you to all practicas (all styles) and invite you to join our team for special happenings.

One (chf 125/95)

  • 1 class per week (subscribed course only), all practicas (all styles)

Unlimited (chf 225/175)

  • Access to all regular weekly classes & practicas run by DanceZouk, discounted tickets for selected workshops & socials hosted by DanceZouk in our studio (upon availability of membership tickets, not valid for workshops with guest teachers or workshops hosted in other places).

Gold (chf 425/325)

  • Priority access to all regular classes (all styles) run by DanceZouk and all workshops & socials hosted by DanceZouk in our studio (priority tickets, not valid for workshops with guest teachers), special discount for workshops with guest teachers, extra time (+15min/h) for any private classes you book with our teachers.

Teacher Education (chf 495/375)

  • Weekly: all regular ZoukClasses (included)
    Monthly: 4h PrivateClass, all TeamTrainings (included)
    When Happening: TeacherTrainings/Classes (discounted)


How to use your membership

  1. Choose and purchase your membership from this page.
  2. Once the purchase is completed, you’ll see a registration form on all classes. Use the form to sign up for your class(es).

Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. A subscription to a membership is a commitment from the date of booking until the end of the school year (school year runs from 01.09. until the 31.07. of the following year, a total of 11 months maximum) and is bound to the subscribed course(s). The membership fee is split in monthly rates for each membership type (check above) that are due always on the first day of every month and will be charged automatically.
  2. Cancellation policy: Every membership subscription will be automatically canceled by 31.07. each year. If for any reason you wish to cancel earlier, you can cancel at the end of any month by sending us your cancellation request. We accept cancellation requests ONLY by email to, LATEST 7 days before the end of the month and you have to send that email from the email address you have used for your booking. You can only cancel your own bookings. By sending your cancellation request, you accept that we cannot guarantee you any spot in your former group in case you wish to return in the future.
  3. Pausing policy: You have the possibility to pause your subscription if necessary. Minimum pause duration is 1 month and within one school year you can pause maximum a total of 2 months.
  4. Absence policy (only for BachataOne or ZoukOne): If you have to skip one class because of sickness, work or death of a family member there are no reductions on your membership fee, but we offer you the possibility to compensate afterwards for the missed class. You can apply for compensation if you notify us (DanceZouk admin +41 79 291 42 02 AND your teacher) minimum 24hrs before the class. Compensation can be done in (A) a lower level class of the same style, (B) an equal or lower level workshop of the same style (except workshops with guest teachers) or (C) with a 25% discount on a private class with your teacher. In case you have to skip more than two classes/weeks in a row, there will be no compensation and your subscription will be set on pause, if you haven’t used up your pause maximum yet, or canceled otherwise (cancellation policy applies as if you had sent a cancellation request). Also you can only compensate a maximum of 6 classes in a school year.
  5. In special cases DanceZouk admin can agree to exemptions of these “membership terms & conditions”. Please contact us by email to or call us on +41 79 291 42 02, if you think this may apply to your case.
  6. If you require further explanations or if you are not sure how these terms & conditions apply to your case, please contact us by email to or call us on +41 79 291 42 02.


Subscription Starts from CHF 25.00 for each 1 month