ZoukNerds TRAINING Thursday

ZoukNerds TRAINING Thursday




ZOUKNERDS-TRAINING is the place for our advanced dancers and everyone who’ld like to improve and smoothen their technique. Besides exploring connection, musicality, expression, as well as new movements like leans, pendulos and advanced headmovements, we’ll study how to incorporate other styles, compensate for flaws and swap roles while dancing. Developing the ability to dance in the moment and use any occasion to create an enjoyable and fun dance with any partner. This means, we’ll be working mainly on perfecting our technique, growing strength&stability and increasing our flexibility in a broad variety of solo and couple excercises. This class is indeed only for people with a training mindset and a strong urge to progress. You can only access it upon recommendation by one of our teachers. We highly recommend having completed our Zouk courses L1-L3 or an experience of about 1-2 years of at least weekly Zouk classes.

This class is part of our Teacher Education.

The event is finished.

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20. Apr 2023

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18:45 - 21:15

75 minutes

18 Persons




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